Iceteam 1927 joins Nivarata in Sicily

6-8 June 2014

The event offers a special showcase for all food professionals to display artisan confectionary products; food tasting, meetings and live food shows in the presence of celebrated guests and industry professionals all contribute to underlining the genuineness of Sicilian raw materials and gelato preparation techniques.


Iceteam 1927 and Cattabriga join forces with Nivarata to create a sweet partnership.

Since 1927, Cattabriga has been synonymous with gelato making. The brand has been developing its technology so to allow gelato makers to work in the best hygienic conditions and to create all kind of flavors; the Effe machine, a vertical batch freezer, enables users to produce creative flavors that are impossible to realize with other machines.


During the festival, the visitors will see the Effe machine at Palanivarata, the special lab equipped with the best machinery on the market where the competition will take place. The best Italian master gelato makers will engage in a contest based on the production as well as on the personal interpretation of a typical product, with the exclusive use of the finest ingredients so as to offer the public authentic Sicilian Granita.


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Iceteam 1927 incontra la Sicilia più vera alla Nivarata, il rito della Granita Siciliana